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The Fain Music had its beginnings more than 30 years ago leaded by its CEO, Daniel Fainzilber, who started in this industry as a sound engineer. He specialized in soundtracks design devoting his career in producing music and sound in feature films   and advertising.


This led to the construction of a recording studio in Buenos Aires, where many well known soundtracks and international winning commercials were produced.  Such was the success that we build studios in Peru and Los Angeles, working with the most important agencies in the world. The Fain Music continued growing exponentially, which made us organize different departments leaded by specialists with a huge trajectory in each area.


Over the time, we focused in soundtrack production. Therefore we built our own publisher and label, with artists and foreign representations. This was how The Fain Music has extended all around Latin America and the rest of the world with huge success.


In the last decade, we formed a new area:  music licenses, in which with combine creativity and fast response in one of the most strict legal process.


Our team works very close with advertising agencies, clients, films and TV producers, in order to find the dreamed track for their project,  being very sharp and careful in each step of the licensing process through our legal department. 

we composed + than 20.000 songs